The Postural Specialist

Almost every person becomes obsessive over the course of his life, through disposition (genetics and epigenetics), lifestyle and other burdens of life, but especially through gravity in the upright dual ducted gait. The question is not IF but WHEN will we feel the painful consequences of the postural disease?


A Healthy & Natural Posture

Our posture has developed over centuries – and within 100 years it has changed dramatically.

A possible “career” of a postural disease

The individual starting point of the postural disease begins early. Apparent “minor matters” can catch up with us years later.

The essentials

The postural disease affects all “civilized” people, more or less pronounced. The compensatory behavior and capacity of this postural disease by each individual decides about it, rather than when, how and where in the body the postural disease has painful consequences. The respective place of the least stability or compensatory ability in humans becomes symptomatic – therefore this illness has intra- and interindividually very different characteristics and phenotypical pictures.

Die Haltungskrankheit nach Dr. med. C. Bäumer

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The Postural Disease according to Dr. med. C. Bäumer

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